Why Choose Oratio for your business

For sales representatives, it's the ability to increase sales from receiving personalized speech feedback in any scenario. For customer service representatives, it's the time and money saved from actionable insights in live-time. For public speakers, it's the ability to captivate your audience and convey your message more effectively than ever before.

When businesses need an easy solution for personalized feedback on any presentation, sales pitch, and phone call, they turn to Oratio. Click the links below to find out how our speech feedback platform can help you increase your revenue by improving your training, on boarding and communication capabilities.

By Industry

As sales and customer service become more personable, communication skills become increasingly important. Find out how Oratio is used in your industry to increase sales and improve employee training.

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Learning and Development

Employees forget 90% of the feedback they receive from sales or customer service training programs. Oratio gives you a tool to help break through, make feedback more personalized, and communications more engaging.